Behind the Jewelry

Primordial Gems is handcrafted, old-world silver jewelry and accessories inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, art and the natural world. At the core, it's a celebration of the divine feminine energy that has connected all beings since time immemorial. 

 In 2020, Clare Taylor founded Primordial Gems out of her love for classical mythology and her desire to craft jewelry with longevity. A strong advocate of slow fashion, she was inspired to create silver and gemstone jewelry that could hold its nominal and sentimental value over time.

Clare's admiration of silver jewelry began in childhood when her mother often wore beautiful turquoise silver jewelry. At the age of 7, she had the opportunity to purchase her first piece of semi-precious jewelry from a Navajo Artist during a family trip to the American Southwest. Clare never stopped collecting jewelry as her appreciation of the art grew over time.

When she isn't toiling away in her studio or reading about ancient mythology, Clare loves to spend time in nature, appreciating the local flora and fauna. Clare is a self-taught silversmith who works from her home studio located in Vancouver, BC.


Primordial Gems Founder Clare