Behind the Jewelry

Primordial Gems is symbolic jewelry and accessories inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, art, and literature. Each piece is handcrafted for the Modern Heroine by the artist, Clare Taylor, who retells classical myths through a feminist lens. At its core, Primordial Gems is a celebration of the divine feminine energy that has connected all beings since time immemorial.


Designers are Storytellers.

"I believe that jewelry can transcend time. It can forge bonds between the past, present, and future through thoughtful design and precious materials that preserve its significance for generations to come.

My design aesthetic is a manifestation of my love for Greco-Roman mythology, art, and literature. I aim to retell these stories through a feminist lens using symbolism to imbue meaning into each piece. I design covetable pieces that speak to my patron's sense of self."

- Clare Taylor

Core Values

We honour and draw inspiration from art, history, and literature to create unique and meaningful pieces that inspire self-expression.

We aim to connect people through the power of storytelling by bringing the past to life and forging bonds across generations.

Lifelong Learning
We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning, personal growth, and exploration.
We encourage people to expand their minds through reading, curiosity, and experiences.

We understand the importance of family, by blood or by choice.
We create heirloom-quality pieces that can be passed on to loved ones, holding both their nominal and sentimental value for years to come.

We strive to amplify the voices of female icons of the past and celebrate their role in shaping culture and history.
We are passionate about creating a space where all women can feel heard, seen, and celebrated.

Artist Bio

Since childhood, Clare Taylor has been drawn to silver jewelry, admiring the beautiful turquoise pieces her mother often wore. At the age of 7, she had the opportunity to purchase her first piece of semi-precious jewelry from a Navajo Artist during a family trip to the American Southwest. Clare never stopped collecting jewelry as her appreciation of the art grew over time.

In 2020, Clare embarked on her metalsmithing journey with the goal of eventually showcasing her work. Her passion for Greco-Roman myths, particularly those centered around women, led her to create Primordial Gems. Clare set out to craft silver jewelry that would endure the test of time. Today, Primordial Gems embodies her commitment to honouring the stories of the past while creating pieces that inspire and empower women to express themselves through adornment.

When she isn't toiling away in her studio or reading about ancient mythology, Clare loves to spend time in nature, appreciating the local flora and fauna. Clare is a self-taught silversmith who works from her home studio located in Vancouver, BC.


Primordial Gems Founder Clare