Silver Care

Handmade jewelry is delicate and should be handled and stored with care.

  • Avoid wet and strenuous activity while wearing jewelry and remove for swimming, showering, applying lotion, playing sports, and hand washing.
  • Various chemicals found in perfume, sprays, and other cosmetics can damage stones and patina, cause spotting on the metal, and amplify tarnish.
  • Silver tarnishes with exposure to oxygen and moisture. Please store your pieces in a dry location. Each piece of jewelry comes with an individual box that includes an anti-tarnish strip. For extra care, store the piece in an air tight container or bag with the anti-tarnish strip.
  • To remove tarnish, use the jewelry cleaning cloth provided with your order. Gently rub the piece to a shine. Avoid polishing patina/blackened areas as this may ruin the design.
  • To remove severe tarnish, use a mix of two parts baking soda to one part water to make a paste. Gently rub the paste onto the metal with even pressure in the areas you'd like to shine, avoiding any purposefully blackened areas. Rinse and fully pat dry the silver immediately. Do not store when wet or damp, your silver will re-tarnish.
  • Use caution when employing commercial jewelry cleaning solutions or avoid them entirely as they can be very harsh and may damage gemstones.
  • Long-term exposure to sunlight can increase tarnish and damage or fade the color of certain gemstones. Store your gemstones and jewelry away from direct sunlight.